Quad Tour and Scavenger Hunt with final grape stomping

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April 6, 2012
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Quad Tour and Scavenger Hunt with final grape stomping

Quad Tour and Scavenger Hunt with final grape stomping

Quad Tour and Scavenger Hunt with final grape stomping
Tuscan team’s goal is to provide an all inclusive incentive package in Tuscany for all companies wishing to welcome their guests with a nice stay at a hill top 4* hotel on the Chianti Classico hills. A fully equipped meeting room will be available for two days and an exciting scavenger hunt organized at a Castle with final grapes stomping competition will conclude the Tuscan Event. All supervised and conducted in English by our experienced staff.
We can provide 4* or 5* accommodation on the Chianti Classico Hills. The must of our selected accommodation is to be located in beautiful panoramic spots and provide all those services you may need for your corporate retreat: meeting rooms, very good service, eccellent restaurants, and competitive rates.
The morning you’ll be surprised by all colourful quads (four-wheeler) parked in front of your Hotel to begin the adventure amidst the forests and softly rolling hills of the Chianti. Cruising down dirt roads at the wheel of one of our speedy quads, you’ll be free to fully enjoy the natural surroundings. This activity lasts a half-day, the itinerary which includes stops and meal along the way will end up in front of the Castle where to begin the Treasure Hunt and Grape Stomping. The excursion program provides for: • handover of helmet • brief orientation with basic instructions for operation of four-wheelers • itinerary which vary in difficulty depending upon the skill level demonstrated • luncheon
This is the Tuscan Team’s top team building. Our Scavenger Hunt formula consists of four interconnected challenges, each of which must be completed in order to move on to the next and, ultimately, to reach the final objective. When the treasure is nearer than ever, the final challenge will test your mettle. The Castle has been freed and the townsmen celebrate together. The time is right for the harvesting of the grapes, and a fierce tournament begins. In teams the competitors stomp, and whichever the most liquid does produce will be declared winner of this challenge. The treasure will be captured by the team with the highest score
• 4* hotel hill view • 2 nights/3 days • DUS Bedrooms in B&B • 2 gourmet dinners at hotel restaurant • 1 welcome cocktail • 1 after dinner with cigars and grappa tasting • 1 luncheon at Chianti Trattoria • 1 Caffèe break • 1 days fully equipped meeting room • 1 scavenger hunt session with final grape stomping competition • 1 Guided Quad Tour
EURO 1.110,00 per person vat and taxes included.

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