Pasta and Tiramisu challenge cooking class
Pasta and Tiramisu’ Challenge Cooking Class
February 18, 2012
Go Kart Corporate Race
Go Kart Corporate Race
February 18, 2012
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Team Building Tuscany Grape Stomping and Scavenger Hunt Tuscany

Scavanger Hunt in the Castle and Grape Stomping

Tuscan Team’s Scavenger Hunt consists of
....four interconnected challenges, each of which must be completed in order to  move on to the next and, ultimately, to reach the final objective. When the treasure is nearer than ever, the final challenge will test your mettle. The Castle has been freed and the townsmen celebrate together.  The time is right for the harvesting of the grapes, and a fierce tournament begins.  In teams the competitors stomp, and whichever the most liquid does produce will be declared winner of this challenge. The treasure will be captured by the team with the highest score

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