6 nights Art, Hills and Elba Island Beach Retreat

January 20, 2023
March 11, 2023
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6 nights Art, Hills and Elba Island Beach Retreat

6 nights Art, Hills and Elba Island Beach Retreat

This is a beautiful 6 nights Tuscany Travel Incentive Program and Corporate Retreat. We named it Art, Hills and Elba Island beach Resort because give all participants the chance to experience all the best that Tuscany has to offer. It included a mix of special experiences visiting Tuscany’s main Art cities such as Florence, Siena and San Gimignano. Then you can admire the Tuscan Chianti hills and Tuscan countryside with a final relaxing stay at a fully equipped Beach Resort on the shores of the Elba Island. 7 days – 6 nights of real pleasure staying at 2 beautiful resorts with daily trips to Florence, Chianti Wine Region, Siena, and beautiful end of retreat at beach resort featuring beach equipment, private beach, swimming pool, jacuzzi, beach reastaurant and bar.
At the beginning of the trip, each day will see all attendees involved in various activities such as cooking class, truffle hunting session, Fiat 500 guided driving tour, cities and towns private guided visits, private cocktail night on private roof top, bbq dinners and luncheons in hand-picked local restaurants.
Each evening can be enhanced with special dinners, private aperitifs, and live entertainment. After a beautiful three nights Tuscan Villa Stay the travel plan includes three additional nights for a Elba Island Beach Retreat at a fully equipped beach resort. After a bus and ferry transfer to join the Elba Island, you can relax on the private beach enjoying a fully equipped beach with sunbedsand sun unbrellas. A seaview restaurant, bar and beach restaurant will serve all meals to all your guests during the day. Then a private full day boat excursion along the Elba Island coast inclusive of beach lunch at a local fish restaurant before the final relaxing day by the beach. A Full board treat, our experienced staff, beautiful villas and precise planning will surely surprise all attendees. This Elba Island Beach Retreat is MAGNIFICO !

If you wish working with us and get a precise estimation  for a 6 nights / 7 days Tuscany Incentive Travel and Corporate Elba Island Beach Retreat including the following:

  • Chianti Wine Region adventure
  • Private Fiat 500 Driving Tour
  • Evening Tuscan Barbeque
  • Truffle Hunting Session
  • Private Guided Visit of Florence
  • Private Guided Visit of Siena
  • Private Elba Island Boat Tour
  • Private Group Cooking Class
  • Full Board Treatment
  • Overnight Stay in a Tuscan Villa and Beach Resort
  • All Transportation needed

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