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Ciao independent and individual travelers,

After an increasing number of enquiries from couples and small families we have decided to create special events that everyone can join. If you’ve avoided taking a travel package, preferring to travel on your own, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the service, independence, and value that our Special Experiences offer. The style of our experiences to book, guarantees the value and quality of a Custom-made private group tour, assuring the service that a sophisticated travelers demand.

These opportunities enhance your travel, and Tuscan Team makes the arrangements and manages all the single experience details – leaving you free to organize your travel plan. Should you choose to go off on your own, if you are an independent and individual traveler, you’re entirely welcome to join one of our experiences and can book one of our special experiences. We create and operate our Tuscan Team experiences and offer them directly to you. We work closely with all members of our Tuscan Team wishing to secure the best service at a competitive rate. Then we offer our experiences at an excellent value which is not necessarily the lowest price, but we think is a good price compromise for offered experience, quality, and service. And we think you’ll appreciate having the occasional organized Chianti Sunset Vineyard Dinner or watch the Palio di Siena horse race from our Private Balcony.


Palio di Siena Tickets

If you are an independent and individual traveler, a couple, or a small family group can now purchase one of ours selected Tuscan Team Private Balcony Tickets. We try to create and operate and guarantee the best service at a competitive rate. We know you can find cheaper rates, but we like to keep a good compromise for offered experience, quality, and service.

Chianti Sunset Vineyard Dinner

We like keeping this special evening as a little Chianti evening event. It’s not open to dozens of guests but the number of available seats is limited. The food is genuine and cooked the evening,the wines are pure Chianti Classico, the staff is local and friendly, the sunset overlooking the vineyard is beautiful and the little winery which hosts the event is family owned-and-operated. Even in this case we have crafted this evening as we would like to be treated and we guarantee the best service at a competitive rate.

Classic Car Rental – Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

Tuscan Team is providing a perfect Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider to all international classic car lover, looking for a perfect Classic and Original Car rental. Tuscan Team gives you the chance to rent a Classic Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Car in Chianti and Tuscany and drive this convertible classic car through the gentle hills of the Chianti region, and dazzling roads of Tuscany.

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