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Private Wine Tours and Wine Pairing Dinners
January 30, 2017
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Corporate Regatta
January 30, 2017
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Marble Querries Adventure

Carrara's Marble Querries Adventure

Carrara's Marble Querries Adventure

Our Carrara Marble Querries Adventure are guided tours to the marble quarries, sculpture studios, marble workshops will allow you, in absolute safety, to get in touch directly with the people, places, instruments, machinaries and daily gestures of ancient knowledge

The Carrara Marble Querries Adventure marble quarries, enormous white wounds that open themselves along wild and abrupt slopes, where small men handle gigantic stone blocks. For the last 2000 years here nature and man’s work daily embrace and reject each other in order to supply the raw material for architectural and artistic works that embellish the squares, the palaces, and the private buildings all over the world.

We wish to let you know a different and fascinating reality of Carrara Marble Querries Adventure, a combination of fatigue and brilliance, ancient sweat and modern technology. The world of marble is not just the excavation or processing of a stone, but the history of a territory and its population that have been synonyms of marble itself for ages.  The quarries, the techiniques and the history as well as the quarrymen’s villages, their thousand-year habits and customs, their language thier food and everyday life.

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