• Manual Windows
  • Soft-Top Convertible
  • Natural Conditioning (no A/C)
  • 2-seater
  • Small Front Trunk (soft bags)
  • Gasoline/Benzina (no Diesel)
  • Year 1957
  • Mileage: 120 kms/day
  • Engine: 850 cc
  • Luggage: 2-3 soft
  • Doors: 2
  • Gearbox: Manual 4 gears + R

Convertible Vintage Car Rental: Fiat 850 Spider – Red with Black Interiors

400  - 1.650 /Per Day

Drive a Convertible in Tuscany ! book our “little Ferrari” as it was called back in the late 50’s to enjoy the dazzling sun kissed Tuscan Roads in style. Our 2 seater Convertible Classic car is perfect for your slow travel experience in Tuscany. Enjoy spring and fall with wind in the hair.

  • Fiat 850 Spider
  • Year 1957
  • Engine 850 CC
  • Manual Shift – 4 Gears + R
  • 2 Seater Convertible
  • No Air Conditioning 

You pay 50% now as booking deposit and balance is due 30 days before arrival by credit card/wire transfer or in cash at delivery.

Day based pricing : Fiat 850 Spider – Red with Black Interiors
1 - 1 days : 400  Fixed
2 - 2 days : 700  Fixed
3 - 3 days : 900  Fixed
4 - 4 days : 1.100  Fixed
5 - 5 days : 1.300  Fixed
6 - 6 days : 1.500  Fixed
7 - 7 days : 1.650  Fixed
Pickup Date&Time
Return Date&Time
Experience Overview

Embarking on an adventure through the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany is a journey like no other, especially when guided by the charm of a Convertible Vintage Car Rental. Picture yourself in the driver’s seat of a 2-seater Fiat 850 Spider, a classic gem from the late ’60s. With its soft convertible top and manual stick, this car seamlessly integrates with the timeless allure of Tuscany, creating an enchanting fusion of style and nostalgia.

As the radiant Tuscan sun bathes the rolling hills in a golden hue, the allure of the Convertible Vintage Car Rental, embodied by the Fiat 850 Spider, captures the essence of the Dolce Vita era. The wind tousles your hair as you navigate the winding roads, revealing new vistas at every turn – vineyards, olive groves, and medieval villages unfold like pages in a storybook. The rhythmic purr of the classic engine serves as a melodic accompaniment, harmonizing with the idyllic surroundings.

The unparalleled sensation of freedom fills the air as you traverse the undulating terrain, experiencing the warmth of the Tuscan sun on your skin and inhaling the fragrant bouquet of cypress trees and blooming flowers. The soft embrace of the convertible top allows you to immerse yourself fully in the region’s beauty – from the shimmering reflections on the Arno River to the timeless allure of Renaissance architecture in Florence.

The Convertible Vintage Car Rental, emblematic of Italian craftsmanship, gracefully glides through the enchanting countryside, painting a visual masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of time. With each twist and turn, the car becomes a conduit to the heart of Tuscany, unveiling hidden treasures and secret corners where the past seamlessly merges with the present.

In this journey with the Convertible Vintage Car Rental, Tuscany isn’t just a backdrop; it’s an active participant in your narrative. Every stroke of the adventure is a testament to the region’s unparalleled beauty. Driving through Tuscany in this classic convertible, you become part of a tale where the romance of the road meets the timeless elegance of a bygone era, leaving you with memories as enduring as a classic Italian melody.

The experience package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this experience? Items that are included in the cost of experience price.

Tuscan Team is active with Classic Vintage Car Rental, and you can Drive a Convertible Fiat 850 spider. Vintage Classic Convertible 2-seater Car in Chianti and Tuscany to international travelers: it is time to break the delay and present our unique and stylish car, the Fiat 850 Spider, first series dated 1967, with a short wheelbase.

In Tuscan Team vision, this service of Classic Vintage Car Rental in Chianti Tuscany, has to be much more than just renting a Classic Car, Classic Cars rental in Chianti and Tuscany is regarded as the core of a much broader idea and experience that includes the idea of preserving a Historical Convertible and stylish Classic Car and give the chance to real Classic Car lovers to experience a slow driving Tuscan Adventure discovering destinations famous all over the world for the beauty of the landscapes as well as for their artistic, cultural and gastronomic heritage.

Tuscan Team gives you the chance to rent a Classic Fiat 850 Spider Car in Chianti and Tuscany. Drive this convertible classic car through the gentle hills of the Chianti region and dazzling roads of Tuscany. Hiring a Classic Car in Chianti Tuscany is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a slow driving adventure because the Kilometers/mileage any classic car enthusiast can drive each day is limited, due to the age of these cars. Get tips from our experts to maintain your safety standards.

You can rent and drive our Classic Car Fiat 850 Spider through medieval towns rich in art, culture, and history; Tuscany is rich in back roads that will give you the possibility to immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the countryside. Experience genuine local cuisine as well as worldwide famous wines such as Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino.

We are aware that the rental price of our Fiat 850 Spider is not the cheapest, but for classic car lovers, this car is unique, and we like to keep it at high and original levels, and the continuous maintenance comes at a price. Tuscan Team is providing a perfect Fiat 850 Spider to international classic car lovers, looking for a perfect Classic and Original Car. Come and make it a ride to enjoy the most and cherish for a lifetime. Call us for more information on our classic vintage car rental.