Lights and Audio Event Equipment Rental

Is what you are looking for, Tuscan Team oversees your production and technical aspects of the event. From selecting the right vendors to testing equipment. Tuscan Team incorporate the most comprehensive lighting, sound, audio and video elements available. From traditional elements such as chandeliers, stage lighting, dancing floors to advanced technology. Tuscan Team is the one-stop DMC for your Corporate Event Planners in Tuscany including Lights and Audio Event Equipment Rental. Our experienced production staff is skilled at tailoring each event to your needs and designing each time one innovative event design. We ensure the set-up of all audio-visual equipment and work closely with technical directors to implement each event vision.

All about the Lights and Audio Event Equipment Rental.

Usually we do a site inspection in order to take the right measures and realize the materials that they may need, then we move on to the budgeting phase to create a realistic estimate of the event. If your gala or corporate party needs DJs, table lighting, a stage, an amplification system, a dance floor or scenic lights, we can help you and make your event unique and to remember.

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