January 27, 2023

6 nights Art, Hills and Elba Island Beach Retreat

6 nights Art, Hills and Elba Island Beach Retreat This is a beautiful 6 nights Tuscany Travel Incentive Program and Corporate Retreat. We named it Art, Hills […]
January 20, 2023


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December 15, 2022
Private Balcony Palio Siena Ticket


PRIVATE BALCONY PALIO SIENA TICKETS Secure you Private Balcony Palio Siena Tickets, If you are an independent and individual traveler, a couple, or a small family […]

Travel Incentive, Corporate Retreat e Dmc Tuscany Florence Siena

Tuscan Team is a full service Dmc which provides Travel Incentive, Corporate Retreat e Dmc Tuscany Florence Siena, Corporate Events Small Group Travel packages in Florence and Tuscany. Our customers get the benefit of international experienced travelers and major event producers with the knowledge of the best Tuscany has to offer. Our purpose is to offer tailor made top quality luxury travel agendas for travel incentives, corporate retreats and private events. We are the producers of Team Building projects, Incentive Travel agendas, Corporate Travel Activities and what we call Tuscan Lifestyle. Our one of a kind proposals are made to satisfy your needs and fulfill your expectations. We grant the outcome of your dream We stand out for our experience, positive attitude, reliability, know how and touch of magic on all our Corporate Travel projects. We are delighted to make your travel occasion to be more than a mere stay in Tuscany, but give it that special and unique touch of magic that you long for. Make it happen – we are here for you! We offer professional advice to creating big and small events, gala dinners and events in all its natures, from company meetings to private parties, from house dinners to product launch events. We provide decor and rentals, entertainment, video and audio productions, to guarantee each event cared in all its details carefully. Tuscan team proudly offers rendering production, where we are able to create any detail or particularity the client wishes for the chosen location.
Last but not least we have recently decided to we have decided to create special Experience that everyone can join. If you’ve avoided taking a travel package, preferring to travel on your own, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the service, independence, and value that our Special Experiences offer. The style of our experiences to book, guarantees the value and quality of a Custom-made private group tour, assuring the service that a sophisticated travelers demand. Please feel free to check and book our Palio di Siena private Balcony to watch this historical horse race or join out Tuscan Team for a Chianti Sunset Vineyard Dinner or rent our 1st Class Classic Car to enjoy your Tuscan Holiday and Drive in Style on the Tuscan Hills.

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