Vintage Fiat 500 Car Rental
  • Manual Windows
  • Soft-Top Convertible
  • Natural Conditioning (no A/C)
  • Small Front Trunk (soft bags)
  • Gasoline/Benzina (no Diesel)
  • 3/4 seater
  • Luggage: 2-3 soft
  • Doors: 2
  • Gearbox: Manual 4 gears + R
  • Engine: 500 cc
  • Mileage: 80 kms/day

Vintage Fiat 500 Car Rental – Red with Black seats

300  - 1.250 

Discover Tuscany’s allure with a quaint Fiat 500 Car Rental—ideal for short, scenic drives through villages and hills. For longer journeys, opt for a different car, ensuring comfort and versatility in exploring the region’s diverse landscapes.

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Day based pricing : Fiat 500
1 - 1 days : 300  Fixed
2 - 2 days : 500  Fixed
3 - 3 days : 650  Fixed
4 - 4 days : 800  Fixed
5 - 5 days : 950  Fixed
6 - 6 days : 1.100  Fixed
7 - 7 days : 1.250  Fixed
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Experience Overview

Embarking on a Tuscan adventure with a Vintage Fiat 500 Car Rental is an idyllic journey, where the charm of these iconic vehicles adds a touch of vintage flair to your exploration. The Fiat 500, renowned for its petite size and classic design, is the perfect companion for traversing the winding roads that lead to Tuscany’s hidden gems.

These compact vehicles are tailor-made for short-distance travels, making them ideal for exploring the enchanting small villages and magnificent hills that characterize the Tuscan landscape. The Vintage Fiat 500 Car Rental offers a unique and intimate way to experience the region, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through narrow streets and capture the essence of each charming hamlet.

The allure of the Fiat 500 lies in its suitability for brief, scenic drives, making it an ideal choice for exploring the immediate surroundings. The nimble handling and agile nature of these cars ensure a delightful journey through the picturesque countryside, where each twist and turn reveals a new facet of Tuscany’s beauty.

However, for those harboring aspirations of extended excursions or venturing beyond the immediate vicinity, it’s advisable to consider renting a different vehicle. While the Fiat 500 is perfect for short distances, a longer exploration might be better suited to a car with a larger range and additional amenities.

In the realm of Vintage Fiat 500 Car Rental, Tuscany transforms into a personal playground waiting to be discovered. The compact size of these vehicles allows for a more intimate connection with the surroundings, offering an authentic and immersive travel experience. So, whether you’re meandering through the captivating alleyways of ancient villages or winding your way through the vineyard-draped hills, the Fiat 500 Car Rental promises a journey that is not just a drive but a delightful voyage through the heart of Tuscany’s timeless beauty.

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