Truffle Hunting Tuscany

Tuscany Truffle Hunting

Tuscan team can organize a Tuscany Truffle Hunting for couples, families, and small groups in a natural truffle ground. Thanks to an expert truffle hunter we begin this experience with a short talk introducing the hunting session, the biological cycle of the truffle, the right environments, the dog which is the real hunter and how a truffle dog is trained. The excursion lasts about an hour and a half and is suitable even for large groups. It is not a demonstration but a real hunting session together with our friend’s hunter and his dog. We highly recommend a casual wear with long trousers and sport or hiking shoes. This experience is a real walk through the woods following a hunter dog and his nose. Sometimes you should be ready to run after the dog and catch the truffle before it eats it. Surely the experience in the woods runs fast as the dog and his parent dog hunter. After the wood, if required, we can add to the Tuscany Truffle Hunting session, a simple cooking class or a truffle-based cooking class including lunch or just a 2-course lunch.

We like keeping this special Tuscany Truffle Hunting experience as a little event. For this reason, it is not open to dozens of guests. Upon request it can be privatized, and you can spend a couple of hours with dog and truffle hunter. The experience is genuine, surrounded by natural woods, the staff is local and friendly, the dog is raised locally by the truffle hunter. Even in this case we can craft this special experience according to your likes and add a final truffle-based cooking class or truffle-based lunch tasting cheeses, cold cuts, and egg pasta with truffle sauce. Join the Team and we add this fun experience to your travel plan!



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