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Corporate Events

Tuscan Team’s goal is to deliver consistently exceptional customized services and to ensure complete customer satisfaction for a special Corporate Events in Tuscany. Our on-site team is fluent in English and Italian, guaranteeing that we will fully understand your needs, special requests and dreams and give them life.

Our expert team can turn an otherwise routine dinner or an average event into an exciting Corporate Events in Tuscany experience that participants are sure to remember. Whether you’re looking for a unique Corporate Event or a sophisticated touch to a celebration, we can help. Don’t settle for ordinary, make your Italian Event a Tuscany Adventure with Tuscan Team !

Tuscan Team delivers Corporate Events in Tuscany, supporting, supervising and coordinating all aspects of an event, gala dinner or large party, from conception and design to execution. This can include developing concepts and ideas for the event, overseeing operations, directing staff and coordinating technical and production aspects. Securing venues, entertainment, lights, video and music equipment.

Tuscan Team can be even responsible for overseeing the event’s budget. This include review of proposals for cost and profitability and keep the budget in mind when selecting proposals. Tuscan Team is responsible for doing so in contracting vendors, hiring staff, provide the right venues and all the following services:

Type of Services

Event Location Research

Event Planning and Coordination

Themed Evening Events

Rentals of Fornitures, Tents and Table Set Ups

Stage Construction, Lights and Audio Technology

Live Bands, Classic Music and DJ’sRental of Taxedos, Medieval and Reinassance CostumsCustom Made menus for Gala Dinners, Luncheons, Casual Evenings and Corporate Cocktails

Best Season:March > June - September > December
Popular Location: Tuscany
Live Bands Classic Music and DJ

    Live Bands Classic Music and DJ’s


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    corporate event floral decor

      Corporate Event Floral Decor

      Event Floral Decor

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