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Tuscan Team can help and support you also in organizing a Quick Corporate Trip or Trip Extension to Cinque Terre. A century ago, the Cinque Terre were simply five fishing villages on an unforgiving stretch of the Ligurian coast, along the border with Tuscany region. This is the reason why we help planning extended stay in Cinque Terre for our Corporate Clients. We support clients in arranging private guides or just private wooden little boat transportation to jump from village to village without the hassle to catch ferry line or a small train which is also a comfortable way to visit the Cinque Terre in case bad sea conditions and little harbors are not accessible by the sea. We listen our customer’s needs, and we can support our groups suggesting a short list of available Villas or Small Hotels. We take care of booking your stay at one of the tiny towns tucked like puzzle pieces into the cliffs. The main attraction is the startlingly vibrant color of the Mediterranean and the wildly rugged coastline sliced by scenic hiking trails.

The viability of this magnificent but fragile area and between all the villages Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso and Riomaggiore is very complicated and Tuscan Team will be very happy and proud to design a perfect Quick Corporate Trip itinerary. Another “plus” we provide to our clients are special activities such as “pesto making courses”, local wine tasting or viewing a real handmade “anchovies salting” or just relax at one of the few beach clubs. Hotels, private boat transportation, activities, spectacular restaurants are all the elements Tuscan Team would be happy to provide for your Quick Corporate Trip to Cinque Terre or extension of your trip after visited Tuscany. Get in touch with the Team completing the form and provide us all the information we require to estimate your Quick Corporate Trip.